I work with XML quite a bit, on a daily basis. Some of the more interesting XML-related tools that I’ve used are:

  • LinqPad. This is a great tool for querying XML documents, especially when the XML is too big to conveniently review with Textpad, or when there are interrelationships between multiple XML documents.
  • SQLXML. SQL Server can also be used to query (or produce) XML documents, and it’s sometimes quite useful to be able to store unstructured data in SQL Server’s XML data type. There are powerful SQL XML query extensions that are built into modern versions of SQL Server.
  • DBXMLTransfer is a simple command line utility I wrote for to facilitate moving XML data to and from SQL Server. If you have a giant XML document that you want to import into SQL Server (perhaps you’re planning to use SQL XML to extract data from it into rows and tables) then DBXMLTransfer can help you. It can also be used to extract XML as well.