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July 20, 2016 jlion 0

The excellent Joseph Albahari, author of LINQpad, wrote a blog post: Why LINQ beats SQL and while I really like LINQpad (how else would I debug LINQ?)  I do think Joseph misses the point a little with SQL. He says: “Compared to SQL, LINQ is simpler, tidier, and higher-level” and my first reaction is that SQL and LINQ …

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Javascript, jqGrid and XML

July 17, 2016 jlion 0

For a long time, programming languages seemed to be getting easier and easier. We seemed to be on the brink of realizing that long sought promise of object oriented components: Chunks of code that folks could easily combine to create applications without lots of formal training in computer languages.

Then along came javascript.

I’ve been dabbling with jqGrid, which is …

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Ian M Banks’ The Culture

June 11, 2016 jlion 0

It’s perhaps a little ironic that a drone introduced me to Ian M Banks’ Culture Series.

The second of the two drone ships that Elon Musk created as platforms for his SpaceX project was named “Of Course I Still Love You”. I read about this, found it intriguing, and picked up Consider Phlebas, the first of the Culture …

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How to generate random data

June 9, 2016 jlion 0

I’ve been doing some performance testing of sql recently and wanted lots of data to work with. I didn’t want real data, with names and other confidential information. I’ve been using a function I created a few years ago and which is presented below. The function can be used to generate either numerical data, alpha data, or a combination, within …

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HP Laptops

May 22, 2016 jlion 0

I have an HP laptop, a fact that on some days I accept and other days regret. It’s a good laptop, a Pavilion DVD-7000. It’s capable of handling about anything I would want to do, with a high resolution screen and an I7 processor.

There’s a great support website with all the necessary drivers. Impressively thorough technical documentation is available, …

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Linq to Entities vs the Database

April 28, 2016 jlion 0

I’ve been working with sql server for a long time. I like sql, I like the immediate feedback that I get from working in SQL Management Studio, and because I do have a lot of experience I can quickly construct efficient queries.

I also recognize the value of having business logic in a central location, and understand how difficult it …

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The new JLION.COM!

December 28, 2015 jlion 0

I’ve been reworking JLION.COM recently with two goals in mind: One, to make the design responsive and phone/tablet friendly, and two, to make the site easier to update and maintain.…