I’ve long been interested in mazes.

My first attempt at a maze was as a java applet. This was a long time ago (2003) and in the time since then java applets have been replaced by adobe flash which has in turn been replaced by HTML5. So, while my java applet page is still available here, it won’t work in modern browsers.

I put mazes aside for the next three years, until I again picked up the trail in 2006. My friend Ted Tyree, also a fan of mazes, inspired me to again pick up the trail. With his inspiration I decided to convert the java applet to an ASP page, using GDI graphics functions to draw the maze on the server. This version of my maze, along with source code, can be viewed here.

Ted, who has created a number of very sophisticated maze generators, including one that creates mazes designed to be wrapped around soda cans, and one designed to generate very large (think square feet) mazes, inspired me to broaden my thinking. This I did, and created a simple three dimensional maze generator. This maze is interactive but still uses GDI graphics functions to render the maze on the server. Try out my three dimensional maze generator!