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Some thoughts on architecture

September 30, 2019 jlion 0

It's October.

One of the tasks I've set for myself this month is to document an application that is complex and undocumented. Not only is there no technical documentation for this application, but the specifications and requirements that determine whether …

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Javascript calendars…

September 11, 2019 jlion 0

Recently I wanted a countdown calendar to more visibly track progress toward a goal a few years away.

I created this calendar page where you can specify the number of days into the future you would like calendars for, and …

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Excel VBA function for writing to a file

August 25, 2019 jlion 0

Every so often I work on a project that involves extracting data from excel where it's easier just to code the extraction up as a macro. For these projects, these two functions serve me well by enabling my macros to …

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Naming conventions for sql

August 10, 2019 jlion 0

I have some coworkers that haven't worked a lot with sql subqueries. Subqueries are a great tool, but can be confusing for folks who have limited sql experience. It's my opinion that, like any code, good naming, proper formatting and …

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Interacting with the Atlassian JIRA REST API

June 6, 2019 jlion 0

At work we use JIRA to manage our sprints. I like JIRA, it's got a nice interface, is easy to use, and has a variety of useful reports.

However, there are certain metrics that management uses to track our team …

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A free alternative to XMLSpy

June 5, 2019 jlion 0

I really like Altova's XMLSpy utility for browsing XML, creating XSDs and testing XPath queries. However Altova's licensing model has made it difficult for me to use the tool.

The Altova licensing model is based on purchase plus annual support. …

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Quest for MCSE

March 25, 2019 jlion 0

Last fall, I took and passed the microsoft 70-761 and 70-762 exams to achieve MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) status for sql server 2016.

I'm planning to take the next step this spring, to MCSE. Achieving MCSE certification consists of …

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SQL Partitioned Tables

March 25, 2019 jlion 0

I've been looking into table partitioning as a way to manage large historical tables. The idea is to be able to keep the size of the table reasonably static as new rows are inserted by removing older rows. My goal …

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Making a user DBO for all databases on a server

March 19, 2019 jlion 0

Recently I had a need to assign a user DBO to all databases on a server.

I put this script together, it seems to do the trick.

declare @login varchar(255)='testuser'

declare @databasename varchar(255),
		@sql varchar(max)

declare xcn cursor fast_forward local